Established since 1865

Winch Ranch

Local Texas Beef Company
Proudly owned and operated by Luther and Th’ere’se Winch, both are 5th generation ranchers originally from Louisiana.
Our headquarters, near Montgomery, Texas has been our home since 1995. Currently we manage five ranches, three in Southeast Texas and two in Southwest Louisiana.
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At the heart of our ranching endeavors
are two key businesses:

Load Lot Commercial Cattle

Our ranch proudly raises a remarkable variety of cattle. The foundation of our herd lies in the Angus sires, while our cow population predominantly comprises commercial Angus, Red Angus, American Reds, and crossbred Santa Gertrudis. These carefully selected breeds contribute to the diverse and resilient characteristics of our livestock to their environments where they range.

In addition to our commercial cattle, we also maintain an exclusive and distinguished herd known as the Beef Company Cattle. This exceptional collection of pedigreed Angus cattle is meticulously chosen based on their marbling and carcass merits. Through our genetic selection process, we ensure that only the finest individuals become part of this esteemed lineage.

The Beef Company Cattle

Our cattle, known for their exceptional quality, are in high demand among discerning buyers. The majority of our offspring follow a meticulous rearing process, starting with a grass-fed diet and culminating in a carefully managed finishing phase on grain. With our rigorous practices, we have high expectations for our cattle, anticipating them to achieve the esteemed USDA PRIME grade.

Maintaining our commitment to sustainable and responsible ranching, we adhere to strict guidelines for raising Verified Natural Beef. These guidelines ensure that our cattle are raised in accordance with environmentally conscious practices, prioritizing their well-being and the integrity of the final product. To uphold our standards, we undergo an annual audit conducted by imi Global, a reputable division of “Where Food Comes From.” This regular evaluation ensures our continued compliance and reinforces our dedication to transparency and excellence.

Our Process

WE have developed a three Pillar system which profiles our process in raising Prime Beef:

We purchase the Top Genetics from the Leading Seedstock Producers in the USA therefore the world. Our genetic selections are focused on Marbling and Carcass Merit.

Nutrition is of vital importance. We focus on health and sustainability of our grasses in all weather conditions. We move our cattle as necessary to keep them in the best health and wellness conditions. Our grains are all vegetarian, formulated to our specification, and are from a local source.

We take pride in the way we handle and care for our cattle. Each family member is BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) Certified. We are also founding members of the CARE program which is managed by imi Global a division of Where Food Comes From.


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