Where Food Comes From CARE Certified represents a comprehensive set of sustainability standards, ensuring that participating farmers and ranchers adhere to the highest levels of animal care, environmental stewardship, and community support.

Our certification program encompasses a diverse array of products, including beef, pork, poultry, dairy, and fish, guaranteeing that consumers have access to responsibly sourced and ethically produced food options. By choosing CARE Certified products, you not only savor the flavors of high-quality food but also actively contribute to the well-being of farmers, ranchers, and the communities they serve. Together, we foster a more sustainable and compassionate food system that benefits everyone involved.


While the term “Natural” is commonly found in the marketplace, its definition lacks consistency across the industry. However, with the IMI Global Verified Natural Beef Standard, buyers can rest assured that they are getting a well-defined and reliable product.

Our stringent standard guarantees that the cattle have never been exposed to Beta-Agonists, Ionophores, Antibiotics, or Animal By-Products. This ensures the highest level of naturalness in the beef.

Furthermore, to maintain this standard, the cattle must be processed through approved VNB (Verified Natural Beef) locations, providing an added layer of credibility and accountability.

With the IMI Global Verified Natural Beef Standard, you can confidently make ethical and informed choices, knowing that the beef you purchase meets the highest criteria of natural production.


Our program ensures a comprehensive documentation and verification process for enrolled calves, guaranteeing that they are at least 50% Angus.

To be eligible for enrollment, calves must have a registered and properly transferred Angus bull as their sire, which could have been through natural breeding or artificial insemination.

By adhering to these strict criteria, we maintain the integrity and quality of our program, providing assurance to participants and buyers alike that the enrolled calves meet the high standards of Angus lineage.


With the NHTC (Non-Hormone Treated Cattle) program, your cattle become eligible for buyers seeking non-hormone treated options, especially those intending to export beef to the EU.

In strict adherence to the program, the use of implants or any hormone growth promotants (HGPs) is strictly prohibited. This ensures that the cattle remain completely free from these substances, meeting the stringent standards required for NHTC certification.

Moreover, to maintain the integrity of the program, cattle must be processed through NHTC approved locations, guaranteeing that the highest standards of non-hormone treatment are upheld throughout the entire supply chain.

Examples of prohibited substances include implants, Lutalyse, CIDRs, Optaflexx, MGA, among others.

By participating in the NHTC program, you position your cattle to meet the demands of conscientious buyers while enabling them to access markets that prioritize non-hormone treated beef, bolstering both ethical and export opportunities for your livestock.